Cynder Hall is a young human woman who now serves as the Lady of the Illidari. She was once a priestess of the Light, but turned her back on the church to serve the Illidari during the Outland Incursion

Cynder is played by Zexeos. 


Kind and genuinely caring, Cynder is a bit of an outcast from the rough, distant, and fighting-focused Illidari she surrounds herself with. Cynder's goal is to heal the pain of others, whether it be emotional or physical, and she despises useless suffering and torture tactics. Her heart is often seen as “too soft” by the other Illidari, although the keep those comments to themselves.

She’s insecure about herself and the choices she’s made, and she struggles to accept turning her back on the church to serve demons. Soltharas Blightfang’s affections and seeing the Illidari win battles against the Legion fills her with hope that she made the right choice.

Cynder sees the big picture in things, often choosing to look at things as a whole instead of breaking them down, which is part of why she went to serve the Illidari in the first place. She saw the Legion as the largest threat to Azeroth, and she saw the Illidari as their best chance at defeating them. She was also a vocal supporter of the Illidari-Alliance Pact, which would make the Illidari and the Alliance official allies in war and peace.